Our Team

Manijeh Forouzan, NHA, Executive Director – Manijeh has always had a passion for family and community. As the youngest of 6 in her family, she lived in a vibrant community with dozens of extended family members. When she came to the United States, she sought not only a fulfilling career but her own family hoping to recapture what she left behind. She turned to the healthcare field where she could provide intimate care and services to families in times of great need. She worked hard, put herself through school (while raising her own family) and stands today the proud mother of two children and an accomplished member in her field. Manijeh is a licensed nursing home administrator with over 30 years as a healthcare professional; she looks forward to many more fruitful years providing care to her new extended family.

Denise Peterson, Admission Coordinator – A resident of Upland, California for over 50 years, Denise Peterson is a local gem. An admission coordinator with years of experience and contacts in the area, Denise has an intimate understanding of the process. Gifted with tremendous interpersonal skills, she has fostered a profound relationship with the community that allows her to create a seamless transition period for the residents. It is impossible to imagine the community of Upland or the Villa Mesa family without Denise – she truly defines and even transcends the Villa Mesa experience.

Sylvia Quadros, RN, Director of Nursing – Sylvia did not set out thinking she would be a Director of Nursing. When she first entered college, Sylvia specialized in early childhood studies and worked in this field for few years. However, after very successful career, she felt that there was something missing – a primitive passion that she yearned to fill. She decided to go back to college to pursue a degree in nursing. Besides her three beautiful children, it has been the best decision she ever made. Devoted, passionate, intelligent – Sylvia is an important part of the Villa Mesa community. A proven leader, she makes Villa Mesa hum in a way few can.

Jennifer Medsker, Director of Staff Development 

Qiana McCracken, LVN, MDS Coordinator – Experienced, sharp and as devoted to her Villa Mesa family as she is to her own, Qiana is the bedrock for the Villa Mesa community. We could fill this paragraph with superlative after superlative – any of which would be appropriate in describing her great work. However, to truly understand Qiana, look no further than her upbringing. Born in Compton, California, Qiana avoided the negative influences around her by devoting herself to doing what she loved most: helping people. A certified nurse at 16 and a licensed nurse at 19, she has excelled in the face of adversity – a hero to her 3 children and an inspiration to the Villa Mesa Community, Qiana represents our mission in the most exemplary fashion.

Peyman Nasseri, Director of Rehabilitation Services – Peyman is as passionate as he is wise about physical therapy. With a BA from Iran Medical School, a Doctorate Degree in the process from Chapman University in physical therapy, and over 20 years of experience in the field, Peyman is a critical cog in one of our most important missions. A devoted family man, he works hard to infuse his commitment to health and energy for life into his patients, strengthening the Villa Mesa family. Judging from how impactful his spirit has been on our staff, Peyman not only succeeds at this mission but that he is one of the best there is.

Martha Castillo, Director of Dietary Services – Martha, with over 18 years of experience, is one of our most knowledgeable staff members. She brings her wisdom and passion for healthy living to her role as dietary supervisor. For Martha, dietetics is not just a job but a way of living – a passion twenty years in the making. She embodies the Villa Mesa spirit in a way few can: experienced and passionate, she makes living easier for those around her.

Courtney Greenberg, Social Services Director – Courtney is one of our newest employees to join the Villa Mesa family. She was previously working at one of our sister facilities as Social Services Director. When our former Social Services Director made the decision to retire, we knew that Courtney would be the ideal replacement for this position. Her passion for her residents, kindness towards her fellow staff members, and general compassion for life definitely fit right into the Villa Mesa caring spirit.

Celia Ortiz, Activities Coordinator – The activities coordinator is a job that requires passion, creativity and a spice for life – no person fits a description better than Celia. Vivacious and energetic, Celia embodies a youthful spirit and has imparted it daily for the past eleven years to her patients. A proud wife and mother of three children, Celia relishes each opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest with those she loves. Her infectious energy has become a staple of the Villa Mesa family and a critical part of our mission.

Sam Frias, the Maintenance Supervisor – Sam was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Sam Frias moved to the United States as a young man, intent on securing stable employment for his family. Driven by a passion to help others and gifted with a talent to fix nearly anything, Sam found gainful employment with Villa Mesa Care Center. Since then he has been an important part of our team, having spent the last ten years making Villa Mesa a more comfortable and safe community.

Bonnie Jeffer, Director of Medical Records – Bonnie has only been a part of the Villa Mesa family a short while but she already made an indelible impression on the facility. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Bonnie is the facility medical records expert. A mother of three and grandmother of five, Bonnie is a part of a great family, and Villa Mesa is ecstatic to have the opportunity to make her a part of ours. Her wealth of knowledge and experience are an invaluable asset to the Villa Mesa Community.